Are Martin Kaymer and Kirsty Gallacher Dating?

Is Martin Kaymer dating Kirsty Gallacher? That's the rumor du jour, and if it's true all I can say is: He sure knows how to pick 'em.

Kirsty is the British television presenter and model who is the cousin of European Tour (and Ryder Cup) golfer Stephen Gallacher, and the daughter of British golf royalty Bernard Gallacher. Allegedly, it is Stephen Gallacher who set her up with Martin.

You might remember that for several years Kaymer - now a 2-time major championship winner - was dating onetime Big Break cast member Allison Micheletti, who is now Allison Modano after marrying hockey legend Mike Modano. And Allison was quite the catch for Martin back then.

The reports of a Kaymer-Gallacher romance all come from London media, which is notorious for trafficking in rumor and half-truths. (Kind of like golf blogs!) The cougarlicious Kirsty is 38 years old and recently divorced from rugby star Paul Sampson. Kaymer is 29.

The Daily Mail, citing the The Sun tabloid, recently wrote:

Gallacher, who split from Sampson in August, has reportedly been on two dates with Kaymer after being introduced to the golfer, who is known as the 'Ice Man', by her cousin Stephen.

Stephen Gallacher, who is also a professional golfer, brought the pair together during the Ryder Cup in November.

The duo 'reportedly hit it off' straight away but are not yet officially an item. A source told The Sun: 'Kirsty has had a really tough year with the breakdown of her marriage. She is going through a difficult time with her divorce.

'Now hopefully she has found something to make her smile again. She is single for the first time in 14 years and she is allowed to have some fun.

'There is plenty of flirting going on and they are clearly very fond of each other.'

Not exactly confirmation of a Kaymer-Kirsty coupling, especially considering the source, but I hope it's true. He gets to date a smokin' hot cougar, and she gets to have fun with a fit younger man.

But Kirsty, just so you know, I'm available too!

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