12-Year-Old Girl Wins Volvo SUV with Hole-In-One

Malaysian golfer Natasha Oon recently scored a hole-in-one during the RSGC Ladies Amateur Open Championship at the Royal Selangor Golf Club in Kuala Lumpur. Awesome! More awesome: It was the hole-in-one contest hole. Awesomer!

So Oon won the hole-in-one prize: a Volvo XC60 T5, a big, luxury SUV valued around $90,000 USD. There's only one problem for Oon: She's not nearly old enough to drive. She's only 12 years old.

In the video below, Oon says she didn't even realize she was on the hole-in-one hole. She also says she "duffed" her 8-iron. The ball landed atop a hill next to the green and rolled down, onto the green and into the cup.

She's a very mature 12-year-old, this video makes clear. Oon would probably make a more responsible driver than many others already on the road.

Via paultan.org, here's what the crossover SUV looks like:

So if little 12-year-old Natasha Oon can't drive in Malaysia until she's 17? What happens to the vehicle? Oon is keeping it in the family: She's giving it to her mom.

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