Golf Balls Raining Down on Small Airport

Here's something weird: A small airport in Carter County, Tennessee, has recently encountered a mysterious problem: a plague of golf balls. Golf balls started showing up on the airport property, including the tarmac, only within the past month. They've found up to 100 of them. Where are they coming from? The closest golf course or driving range is seven miles away!

The report from WJHL-TV states:

To ensure the safety of employees and travelers, officials conduct daily inspections, and several times this month they've found golf balls scattered across the runway. Tuesday was no exception.

"Over the last 30 days we have been finding golf balls," said Dan Cogan.

Cogan is not at a local golf course, he's about seven miles away at the Elizabethton Municipal Airport.

"Four different occasions we found golf balls out there and the total is well over 100 golf balls," Cogan said.

Cogan is the airport manager. He said they're finding the golf balls along the east end runway, where planes take off and land.

There's a golfer in Tennessee who needs to stop being a dumbass.

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