Would You Eat a Divot for $500? Two Idiots on 'Wahlburgers' Did

Have you seen the A&E show Wahlburgers? It's a "reality" TV show following the Wahlberg family - which, of course, includes Donnie Wahlberg and Mark Wahlberg - as they expand their burger restaurant beyond Boston. It airs on A&E.

In a recent episode Mark took a bunch of his pals to the golf course. That scene began ominously with Donnie telling viewers that Mark likes to pay people to eat disgusting stuff. Sure enough, on the golf course Mark begins collecting large, thick divots.

After the round, he offers two of his golfing companions $500 if they eat one of those divots. Actually, it's a race - he who eats the divot, and finishes first, wins Mark's $500. So these poor schmoes plop their divots between two buns (one of them adds Dijon mustard) and dig in.

Here is the setup:

And here they are actually chowing down their "divot burgers":

Disgusting. Would you eat a divot for $500? I wouldn't. I guess these two guys were either desperate to be on TV or desperate for $500 ... or both!

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