Thursday, January 30, 2014

'Mysterious' Golf Ball Invasion Plaguing London Neighborhood

Under a label of "Bizarre," the website This Is Local London tells the tale of a neighborhood in which golf balls have mysteriously begun appearing, even though the closest golf course is three miles away:

The mysterious appearance of dozens of golf balls has left Beddington neighbours clubbing together for answers.

The riddle initially centred on one couple, of Richmond Road, who have found nine balls in their back garden in the last month.

But now the enigmatic spherical intruders have begun spread to neighbouring houses, leaving residents scratching their heads.

Hmm, is it really "bizarre" that a grand total of nine golf balls could show up in someone's yard in the space of one month? Sounds more like a joke than a mystery. I'm pretty confident the culprit will not turn out to be the ghost of Old Tom Morris.

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