Michelle Wie's Art

I find Michelle Wie's artwork - her paintings, watercolors, drawings, stencils, multi-medias - very interesting. I'm not an art expert or an art critic, so whether or not they are good, whether or not she displays a deep well of talent for art, I can't say. I can only say that they I'm drawn to them. They seem impressive to my untrained eye. They're intriguing. Let's take a look at some of her recent efforts:

Wie posts photos of her art on her various social media platforms, particularly Instagram. She used to write on her own blog, but it's been dormant for more than a year now. However, she once wrote:

... held up the brush again in my hand and it felt glorious. it was fun to take an afternoon listening to music while painting. took my mind off everything and i love how these kinds of activities just really reset my buttons.

Another time, Wie wrote: "Sometime I can't describe how I am feeling with words...so I paint...#calming"

Here are some more examples:

Watch Michelle Wie create her art

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