PGA Tour Bans Caddie Races

The PGA Tour says no more caddie races at tour events. Caddie races are probably most associated with the Phoenix Open, but they actually started at Colonial. They've shown up at a couple other tournaments in recent years: caddies racing each other to reach the green on a par-3 hole after all the players in the group have teed off.

Andy Padzer, the tour's executive vice president and chief of operations, explained to Golf Channel: "We have advised the folks at Colonial and out in Phoenix to discontinue the caddie races. It was a situation where we developed a little concern about caddies’ safety. Running 150 yards puts caddies at risk for injury. I had caddies come to me in Phoenix and at Colonial saying, 'This is ridiculous, it's like we are a carnival show.' "

That implies that caddie complaints about the practice are what spurred the PGA Tour to take a look at the practice. But any caddie who doesn't want to run doesn't have to run. Still, maybe the fear of litigation really does justify cracking down on caddie races. Maybe they really are inappropriate during a golf tournament. After all, they don't earn the PGA Tour any money, they just entertain fans, and money always trumps fans.

Never seen a caddie race? Here's a video:

OK, watching that video, maybe it's players who complained and asked the tour to look at caddie races. As Peter Jacobsen says in the clip, "Hope he didn't break a club."

A couple more:

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