Jennifer Johnson Misses Solheim Team, Doesn't Like It, and then Christina Kim Butts In

Here is what Jennifer Johnson, who has one win on the LPGA in 2013, was ninth on the Solheim Cup points list entering the Women's British Open, and is ranked No. 54 in the world, tweeted after finding out she was passed over for a captain's pick for the Solheim Cup:

No one who fails to automatically qualify "deserves" to be picked, and while I think Johnson has a good case that she should have been picked, I can't argue too much with the ones who actually were picked (Gerina Piller and Michelle Wie - but all the "controversy" is around Wie).

But after Johnson posted the tweet above, Christina Kim butted in (as she often does) and got into conversations/arguments with other commenters, and was, well, quite patronizing to Johnson. Click on the date beneath Johnson's tweet to read Kim's comments and others.

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