New Loud Designs from Loudmouth

What's in store from Loudmouth Golf for fall? The designer of very loud, very garish golf apparel - what most golfers used to call "ugly" but now prefer to think of as "cool" (but crazzzzzeeee any way you look at it!) - has multiple new patterns ready.

The Loudmouth Fall 2013 collection includes:

  • "Crak!" - Inspired by 1960's pop art, Loudmouth has designed a golf themed comic book drama.
  • "Paint Balls" - After the runaway success of Drop Cloth, Loudmouth has released a new colorway that is sure to make a splash.
  • "Cheezburger" - This print is phat. 'nuf said.
  • "Bent Grass" - Named after the smooth putting surface, coveted by a low handicapper.
  • "Cowz" - What inspires pant design more than a holstein out in the pasture chewing on cud?
  • "Blue & Gold Splash" & "Merlot & Chardonnay" - Designed specifically for the collegiate market, these prints are too good not to share with our fanbase. Go team!

Below are, in order, the Paint Balls, Crak! and Cowz patterns. If you want to see more, or want to check out prices, you can shop for Loudmouth Golf on Amazon.

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