Natalie Gulbis is Getting Married

Congratulations to Natalie Gulbis who, she revealed to Golf World, is getting married later this year.

Natalie is engaged to Josh Rodarmel, who was once a quarterback on the Yale University football team. We already knew Natalie likes quarterbacks, since she had a high-profile romance with Ben Roethlisberger a few years back. (Gulbis had another high-profile something with Dustin Johnson, a bizarre, short-lived, well, something, whose nature neither of them could agree on.)

But Gulbis managed to keep this relationship quiet, and now they are planning a wedding for later in the year.

The two met because of a business relationship Rodarmel once had with Natalie's hometown Sacramento Kings. Rodarmel was once co-owner of Power Balance, which at one time was the title sponsor of the Kings' arena. You know what I think of Power Balance (hint: it was a scam). But let's not bring bad thoughts into this happy moment. Congratulations to both.

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