Miura's New $2,275 Iron Set

Miura Golf used to routinely price iron sets in the $2,000-plus range for the American market. But in recent years, the upscale Japanese forged irons leader has been offering iron sets much closer in price to the mainstream companies that dominate the American market.

But not it's latest offering! The Miuru irons pictured above cost $325 per club, or $2,275 for a set. The high price is for two reasons: The Miura "Black Boron" irons have a finish that is, well, black boron, and that requires switching the usual nickel-chrome finishing production line over to this finish; and Miura says only about 10 sets a month will be available. That's what we call "limited edition."

They do look sweet. But, in addition to having lots of money to burn on a new set of irons, you need to be a very good golfer to make the most of them. The Miura Black Boron irons are not game-improvement sticks. They are players' clubs.

Also note that the Black Boron name simply describes the finish; these are already engineered Miura irons re-done with the Black Boron finish, so you'll be getting, for example, CB-501 irons or Passing Point 9003 irons. If you're interested, check MiuraGolf.com for nearby authorized dealers/fitters, or email info@miuragolf.com.

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