Graeme McDowell Calls Steve Elkington a 'Twitter Troll'

Graeme McDowell has had enough of Steve Elkington's potshots against other golfers on Twitter. During G-Mac's second round at the British Open, Elkington tweeted this:

McDowell was not amused:

G-Mac quickly added this:

I say: Good for McDowell. Yes, what Elkington wrote that set off Graeme seems pretty tame. But Elkington has a long history of sniping at fellow golfers. He did it before there was Twitter, now he does it publicly because of Twitter. Elkington is someone who says exactly what he's thinking; he's brutally honest, he doesn't pull any punches, he talks (or types) spontaneously without much thought for those he's spouting off about - even when speaking (or tweeting) publicly about a peer. In other words, he's a jackass. McDowell finally had enough.

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