'Lord, He's Going to Run Us All Off the Tour'

Golf Digest has a slideshow up in which it collects some good caddie stories from its archives. You can read the full piece here. But this is the standout:

Jariah Beard, on caddieing at the 1963 Masters, when Jack Nicklaus won his first green jacket:

"I've got [Don] January, and Pete [Willie Peterson] has got Jack. On 13, Jack popped up his drive, and he's about 260 from the green. He says, 'Willie, can we get there?' and Pete says, 'No sir, Mr. Jack.' Jack kind of stands there for a minute before he says, 'Willie, now you know I can hit it as far as I want to.' So he takes the 3-wood and kills it at the green. When the ball lands, Don says to me, 'Lord, Jerry, he's going to run us all off the tour.'

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