Wednesday, June 26, 2013

78-Year-Old Frank Stranahan Deadlifting 265 Pounds

You might have heard the news that two-time British Amateur champ Frank Stranahan passed away recently at the age of 90. Here's a video of what Stranahan did to celebrate his 78th birthday back in the year 2000:

To celebrate turning 78, Stranahan deadlifted 265 pounds. The video was shot by his son Lance and posted to YouTube. Stranahan was the first person in golf to take weightlifting seriously. Gary Player has credited Stranahan with turning him on to fitness. After Stranahan's death, Player tweeted this:

Stranahan wasn't just a prolific winner in amateur tournaments; he also won multiple PGA Tour events (some of them while still an amateur), and three times while an amateur was runner-up in a major (once at the Masters, twice at the British Open). That's impressive.

Deadlifting 265 pounds when you're 78 is also impressive. But I think I'm even more impressed that Stranahan managed to pull off wearing tights at age 78.

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