PGA Tour Players React to the Tiger Woods Ruling

Talking about the Tiger Woods ruling at The Masters, of course: 2-stroke penalty, but no DQ. I like that ruling, I think it's fair and in keeping with the spirit of the new decision regarding DQ'ing players at-a-later-date for wrong scorecards. Remember, almost every time in the past when a golfer has been DQ'd next-day or later-on over an incorrect scorecard, most of the golf world has gotten up in arms about the unfairness of it. So the governing bodies added a decision giving discretion to committees to waive such a DQ. Tiger is one of the first test cases, he had his possible DQ waived under the new rule ... and now lots of folks are up in arms about that!

Just goes to show: When it comes to a high-profile penalty or DQ in golf, there is never going to be consensus.

Anyway: Lots of PGA Tour players are reacting on Twitter, and here are some of those reactions:

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