Monday, April 15, 2013

More Paula Creamer Bikini Pics

Our first Paula Creamer in a Bikini post remains one of the most-popular on GSB, probably because it was the first photo of Paula in a swimsuit on the web. At least, one that wasn't stolen or obtained from some creeper.

Like the original, these bikini pics of Paula were posted on her public Instagram page, where Paula chose to share them. She's with some of her LPGA buddies in Hawaii, where the LPGA LOTTE Championship takes place this week.

Here is Paula on the left, next to Brittany Lang and Nicole Hage:

Here, Paula is surrounded by (from left) Jessica Korda, Lang and Hage:

And here's another of Creamer with Lang:

Let's hope Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition editor MJ Day is paying attention.


  1. I would like to play 18 holes with those girls!

  2. Cute Girls but it is time for them to win or this tour is dead in America.


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