Ian Poulter Now Designing Clothes for Dogs

Not content with just tartan-ing up humans, Ian Poulter has now turned his design fashion to dogs. IJP Design has launched its "Poulter Pooch" collection. This video is cute, but it doesn't really give a sense of what's in the collection:

A blog post on the IJP Design website says the Poulter Pooch collection will include "doggie jackets, doggie neckerchiefs with doggie golf shoes" when it launches in 2014. Doggie golf shoes?

Says Ian: "After my family, I have three loves: golf, clothing and dogs. So it makes perfect sense to add a pet collection to the IJP Design range. Now the whole family can look good and play great. ... My dogs love to join me on the course; however, I was always slightly concerned that they did not match the rest of my perfectly coordinated outfit. Now they can look as sharp as I do."

If Ian was a cat person instead of a dog person, we'd all be worried that he was turning into one of those "crazy cat people."

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