Can Tabletopping Become a Thing? For Wie's Sake, Let's Hope Not

You've seen the way Michelle Way is putting these days, right? Bent over 90-degrees at the hips, back parallel to the ground, hunched down over the ball.

What an awful way to putt. Even if it was working for Wie - and it's not - it would be a terrible way to putt. Can you imagine practicing in that putting stance?

But, for now, Wie is doing is. And her peers on the LPGA Tour have taken to calling it "tabletopping." Some of them are even trying to make it a thing on Twitter, like Dufnering was, using the #tabletopping hashtag.

It hasn't really caught on yet, but a few players have taken part.

Here is Hall of Famer Beth Daniel:

Here is Christina Kim:

Here is the best one, Paige Mackenzie and her dog:

And here are a couple media types getting in the spirit in the Kraft Nabisco Championship media room:

Meanwhile, here's what Ian Poulter had to say after catching a glimpse of Wie's "tabletop" putting method:
And Poulter needs his spelling tested. But it's hard to argue against his sentiment.

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