The Best Tiger Woods Sponsor Video is Still 'Tiger Trap'

Tiger Woods has (and has had) a lot of sponsors, and he's made a lot of promotional videos (such as TV commercials) for them. My favorite remains the "Tiger Trap" video that he did for Buick. The set-up was this: Regular golfers (real golfers, not actors) step up to a tee and find a wedge laying on the ground. Gasp - it appears to be Tiger Woods' wedge! Then Tiger himself rolls up in cart: "Hey guys, did you find a wedge?"

Tiger then challenges them to a closest-to-the-pin contest. Can you imagine the nerves these golfers must have felt? Woods does this with several groups. Sometimes he hits great wedge shots, sometimes he intentionally screws up. The big reveal is this: A golfer who beats Woods in the closest-to-the-pin contest wins a Buick Rainier SUV.

The group of middle-aged women is the best. The reactions are great. Check it out:

You can tell this was done a long time ago because Tiger still looks a little skinny.

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