New Car Dealer Perk: Golf Simulator

Taking your car to the dealership for service is never fun. That's why so many car dealerships these days are adding perks to try to make customers more willing to visit, and to stay on-site during the service. Things like big-screen TVs, free wi-fi stations, even little coffee shops built into the waiting room.

But one Lexus dealer in Canada has hit on the right idea: a golf simulator for its customers. A Lexus dealership in Edmonton has installed a High Definition Golf Simulator:
"We wanted to give our customers that 'wow' experience," says dealership owner Jim Jiwani. "Now they can look forward to coming in for servicing or even checking out the new models."
Installed a couple months ago, Jiwani says car owners are already booking appointments on the simulator. "They bring in their clubs and play 8 or 9 holes while waiting for their car to be serviced," says Jiwani. This summer he is planning on offering client's golf clinics with local pros.

In addition to clients, the simulator has become a perk for employees. "Our staff use it after work and we have been holding mini-tournaments. It helps keep them motivated," says Jiwani.

Yep, that's a perk alright. And if you have to take your Lexus in for service, being able to reserve time on a golf simulator would certainly make that time pass a little quicker. Here's an example of what an HD Golf Simulator looks like in an office setting:

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