Is It a UFO? Is It a Drone? It's a Golf Channel Remote-Controlled Flying Camera

So this happened on the Bay Hill driving range during tournament week at the Arnold Palmer Invitational:
Awesome, indeed! But what the heck is it? It's a remote-controlled, flying camera that the Golf Channel is testing at Bay Hill. It's called the "Eritsa," made by a company called HoverFly, and in the video clip above you can even hear that is kinda sounds like a fly buzzing by. So what can this bad boy do? Here's an excerpt from the product description:
Hoverfly ERITSA is in a class all by itself. With the largest carrying capacity of any multi-rotor aerial cinema system available, ERISTA captures breathtaking, epic footage from the air with exceptional performance. The retractable landing gear and 360ยบ rotating camera gimbal mount provide unobstructed views to capture the perfect shot every time. Featuring our patent-pending HovercoreTM flight technology, the ERISTA cinema package includes everything you need to film with the most demanding cameras in a multi-rotor system - for true professional film production.
It can only fly for 10 minutes at a time, however. But still, this offers Golf Channel - should they put it into use during actual tournament play - plenty of new options for overhead visuals.

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