Gold Putters, Diamond-Embedded Putters, 'Sons of Love and Beauty'

That's some putter above, isn't it? It's the Cupidon half-mallet made by a French company called ValGrine ( And yes, those are diamonds around the body of the putter and serving as the sightline.

How does ValGrine describe this putter on its website? Like this:

"Curve and harmony, assertion of a delicacy by the detour of sensual and soft curves with a greedy volume. Son of love and beauty. At the address: a point, two lines and an arrow to touch its deepest desire: remove the ball from the green."

Damn! Is that a putter in your golf bag or are you just happy to see me? With a putter like that, who needs Viagra? Does the Cupidon come with a vibrating clubhead for the ladies? (I could go on, but I'll stop there.)

The French can sex up anything.

And they can "luxury up" anything, too, including putters. ValGrine custom makes various luxury putters - putters with diamonds, putters made of silver, putters made of gold. You get the picture.

Speaking of pictures, here's one of a ValGrine gold putter:

Says the company: "Valgrine offers its customers the possibility of creating entirely gold putters. ... allow free rein to your imagination in creating a putter that you like. ... You want a putter entirely or partially decorated with gold, all this is possible and without any limits. ... Don’t hesitate, make your wildest dreams with Valgrine."

ValGrine calls its putter offerings "landmark fashion," and an "amalgam of silverware and jewelry."
Unfortunately, at this time, they don't provide any prices on their website. But you know what they say: If you have to ask ...

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