For $2,250, Kerri Strug Will Play Golf With You

How would you like to play golf with a past or present sports star, or a PGA Tour or Champions Tour pro? If you're willing to pay, you can.

For example, Marc Turnesa will play golf with you for $1,500. How? A company called Thuzio ( represents hundreds of athletes plus a handful of broadcasters, and arranges, for a fee, appearances by its clients. There are many companies like Thuzio out there that represent athletes; but Thuzio, unlike most of them, lists all its athletes on its website, along with their prices.

Brett Quigley will play golf with you for $2,500. Bruce Fleisher costs $3,000. Mark Lye, $2,500.

There are options for many more things that playing a round of golf. Bob Murphy would probably be a great dinner speaker, and you can hire him for a speaking engagement for $2,000. Or, you can pay him to attend a golf tournament with you, or have lunch with you, for $500.

If you want to make an investment in your golf game, rather than just have an "experience," Kenny Knox will give you a private lesson for $150. Knox used to hold the all-time PGA Tour record for fewest putts in a 72-hole tournament, and is still No. 2 on the list.

These prices are good if you happen to be within a specified geographical area for a given golfer or athlete. If you're outside his or her local area, the price goes up.

But when you can play golf with Kerri Strug, who cares? That's right, America's gymnastics sweetheart will play golf with you for a mere $2,250! Warning: She's a short hitter. (Thank you, I'll be here all week.) No word on whether Bela Karolyi caddies for her.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, there's Chris Washburn. The infamous NBA washout, who had many, many troubles with drugs and the law, charges $400 for a round of golf. Or $100 plus a nickel bag. I kid, I kid! Hopefully Washburn is in a good place in his life now. He must be, or Thuzio, presumably, wouldn't include him in the program.

Meanwhile, Tiki Barber is doing something wrong. The former New York Giants running back great costs $1,000 for a round of golf - but his twin brother Ronde charges $2,500! C'mon Tiki, you're worth more than that!

By my count, there are 300+ athletes/sports personalities who are available for hire through Thuzio to play golf with you. Just a small sampling of some of those names, with their prices for a round of golf:

  • Mark Clayton, $500
  • Mickey Morandini, $600
  • Jacque Jones, $750
  • World B. Free, $1,200
  • Bret Boone, $1,500
  • Daunte Culpepper, $1,500
  • Omar Gonzalez, $,1500
  • Fred McGriff, $1,500
  • Turk Wendell, $1,500
  • Jay Fiedler, $2,000
  • Tim Hardaway, $2,000
  • Dick Stockton, $2,000
  • Rick Barry, $2,500
  • Mike Bossy, $2,500
  • Thurman Thomas, $2,500
  • Darren Daulton, $3,000
  • Ottis Anderson, $3,500
  • Joe Klecko, $5,000
  • Chris Myers, $5,000
  • John Starks, $5,000
  • Harry Carson, $7,500
  • Daryl Johnston, $7,500
  • Jalen Rose, $10,000

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