Don't Forget to File Your US Open Entry Form

Entries for the U.S. Open are now open! Golfers, if you have a 1.4 handicap index or lower, you can enter! The USGA tweeted this notice today:

Good to see Tiger and Phil got their applications in. Wouldn't it be funny if Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson forgot to enter? NO! No, it would not be funny! Because if you don't submit the entry form, you don't play, even if you're otherwise exempt from qualifying.

We know this because, sadly, it's happened before. Back in 2006, Meena Lee was exempt into the field for the U.S. Women's Open. But she forgot to file the entry form. Or maybe she didn't realize it was required. Regardless, even though she was exempt into the field, an automatic qualifier, she didn't get to play. No entry form, no entry.

So don't wait, superstars of golf: Get those U.S. Open entry forms in today!

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