You'll Need Some Scratch for this $1,000 Putter

How much scratch does it take to buy the new special-edition putter from Scratch Golf? Nine-hundred and ninety-nine dollars worth of scratch.

But that's still $49,000 cheaper that the cheapest implements regularly made by Scratch's partner in the production of the Scratch Golf by James Ingles handmade putters. Charles Hellis and Sons Firearm Company in London, England (which is owned by the James Ingles whose name is on the putter), hand-makes shotguns and rifles for the luxury market. None of the company's firearms sell for less than $50,000.

The company's craftsmen bring the same attention to the new weapon for golfers, shaping, engraving and finishing each putter head by hand. That attention is a big part of the $999 price tag. Something else is, too: "... there is no paint fill in the putter. Instead, all the markings are filled with precious metals like 24k gold, sterling silver and copper."

Scratch Golf started taking orders for the James Ingles putters on Feb. 1, 2013. Note that $999 is the base price. See for more info.

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