LPGA Players In Car Crash In Thailand

Three LPGA stars - Paula Creamer, Ai Miyazato and Suzann Pettersen - were among the people involved in an auto accident in Thailand on Sunday. The three players plus their entourages and a few family members were spread among five cars heading to the airport following the conclusion of the Honda LPGA Thailand tournament. Creamer and Miyazato were experiencing some neck pain afterward, according to Pettersen.

Pettersen posted a photo she snapped of the crash aftermath:

(Photo: @suzannpettersen/Twitter.com)

And Pettersen provided some details in a post on her blog:
On our way to the airport we were in a car accident! Paula, Ai, my mum and myself with the rest of our entourage! We were driving on the highway pretty fast and at times maybe to ruff. Meaning, no room for errors what so ever! And it was just a matter of time we must say before something actually happend! Don’t know how it all went down, but in a split second the entourage of our 5 cars was all crushed together! Paula said she felt like a ping ping ball being hit from both ends pretty hard! I was in the last car and manage somehow to just miss the rest! Out of all the cars, the car I was in was the only car suited to take us to the airport! We are just happy no one got more seriously injured from the impact! Ai and Paula and some of the guys had some pain in their necks! It was a scary split second, where u realize how quick it can go!
Here's hoping Paula's and Ai's soreness fades quickly and everyone is OK.

Update: Paula Creamer has tweeted some updates on her experience and condition:

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