I Am Not An Animal, I Am a PGA Tour Winner!

John Merrick won the 2013 Northern Trust Open, becoming the first Elephant Man to win on the PGA Tour.

I wonder if John Merrick's childhood friends - or enemies - called him "Elephant Man"? I wonder how many readers are wondering what the hell I'm talking about? It's not easy going through life carrying the same name as someone who is famous for his deformities - or infamous, or notorious. (Pity all the guys out there named Jeffrey Dahmer.)

In the movie The Elephant Man , the Victorian-era title individual was called "John Merrick." The real-life Elephant Man, however, was actually named Joseph Merrick. And, fact is, to this day nobody can say with certainy what the disease was or diseases were that caused Merrick's deformities.

If John Merrick the golfer ever gets the yips, that's what we'll be saying about him, too. But he doesn't have the yips, he has the Northern Trust Open trophy. I am not an animal, I am the King of Riviera Country Club!

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