Dustin Johnson Wants to Make Sure Everyone Knows He's Tappin' That

Ah, young love (or lust, anyway) in the age of social media. Enjoy engaging in public displays of affection? With Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, et.al., you can take your PDAs to a whole new level of "P." (Hmm, wonder what Vine will add to this dynamic ...)

Dustin Johnson is into Paulina Gretzky. And if you were Dustin Johnson, you would be, too! Just a few weeks ago we learned that Wayne's not-so-innocent little girl was dating DJ when she showed up - in high heels and tight, low-cut dress - in Dustin's gallery at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions.

Now Dustin is sharing makeout and snuggly-wuggly pics through his Instagram account (@djohnsonpga):

Johnson is breaking new ground in golf here. Golf doesn't normally see these kinds of made-for-TMZ couplings.

But Paulina Greztky - who has always used her Instagram (@pmgypsy) to show off - is sharing plenty of her own pics of DJ & Paulina. Such as:

And yes, Paulina Gretzky plays golf:

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Dustin Johnson's gallery girl this year is Paulina Gretzky

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