Are Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Back Together?

I'm so old I can remember when all the rumors were about Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn hooking up!

But to answer the question in the headline: No, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren are not back together (probably). But they are together again, in a way!

The gossip website acquired photos of Woods and Nordegren together at a recent event for their kids. It's the first time the two have been photographed in public together since those infamous incidents around Thanksgiving 2009. Tiger showed up first, Elin arrived about an hour later. They appeared friendly with one another while watching over the kids. Then, someone started snapping photos of them (later sold to TMZ, obviously), and Woods and Nordegren split - leaving together in Elin's vehicle.

From this, some are concluding that there must have been some truth to those National Enquirer-fueled rumors a couple months ago about Tiger trying to woo Elin back. (Those rumors actually predated the Tiger-Lindsey Vonn rumors.) You remember those rumors, right? Woods was allegedly offering Nordegren a $200 million guarantee that he wouldn't cheat on her again, if only she would get back together with him.

Who knows what's going on in Tiger's personal life? I don't, you don't, not even TMZ knows. But gossip is fun! That's why every human society on earth engages in it.

Here's what I do know about Tiger and Elin getting together at an event for their kids: They are doing what divorced couples are supposed to do. They are putting on a brave face and making nice for the sake of the children. Mature, responsible divorced parents do the exact same thing hundreds of thousands of times a day all around the world. (And loser parents just keep acting like jerks in front of the kids, and jerking the kids around. Losers.)

Tiger and Elin deserve credit, they deserve kudos for acting like adults, for not letting their own issues affect their time with the children.

So good for them.

Is there anything more to it than that? I seriously doubt it. Tiger would never cheat on Lindsey with Elin, right?

(Update 3/18/2013: Tiger and Lindsey confirm they are dating.)

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