Worst Tournament Name ... Ever

That would be the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Wow. What's the marketing slogan? "With a name like Waste Management Phoenix Open, it's got to be good!"

I get it. Waste Management is a major and very successful company; the PGA Tour needs sponsors, it takes them where it can find them. Waste Management founders and leaders should be proud of their success; the Phoenix Open personnel surely are very happy to have a big-time company as their title sponsor. But still ... Waste Management. Eww.

But it could be worse. It could be much worse ...

Top 10 Rejected Names of the Waste Management Phoenix Open
10. Acid Reflux Phoenix Open
9. Open Sewer Phoenix Open
8. Hairy Mole Phoenix Open
7. Stinking Cesspool Phoenix Open
6. Painful Bunion Phoenix Open
5. My Butt Itches Phoenix Open
4. Yeast Infection Phoenix Open
3. Adult Diapers Phoenix Open
2. There's This Weird Thing on My Balls Phoenix Open
1. It Hurts When I Pee Phoenix Open

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