Put Your Name on the Majors Aggregate Championship Trophy

(Editor's Note: Following is a guest post by Colin MacGillivray, who tracks the Majors Aggregate Championship every year at golf-majors-champion.com.)

By Colin MacGillivray

Who is the best golfer in the world each year? Is it the money leader, the FedEx Cup champion, the one with the most wins or top-10 finishes, or lowest adjusted scoring average?

It may be none of these.

The golfer with the lowest total in the four Major Championships might claim the spot. Sixteen rounds and four cuts in the world's toughest and most sought-after tournaments must have some merit. This year it was Adam Scott. The first winner was Arnold Palmer in 1960, so the competition is over 50 years old, yet is largely still a secret.

I have been compiling the aggregate scores for the Majors for over 25 years and in 1999 the establishment of the Majors Aggregate Championship of Golf became a reality.

In that year Tiger Woods played in the World Cup at the Mines in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and my trophy was presented to him (photo, above) at a pre-tournament function. I thought the idea would attract a sponsor but it's not easy to track one down. Over the years IMG, Qantas, Scott McNeally and Julian Robertson (Kauri Cliffs), among others, have been approached.

So where to from here? The names of Eisenhower, Ryder, Vardon and Wanamaker are attached to important golf trophies. This new "Majors" Trophy awaits the name of a person to sit alongside those.

Little funding is required. A substantial individual in golf or any field, who is keen to be involved for the long term, is needed. He or she could present the trophy to the winner each year, at a Fund Raising Lunch for a Charity nominated by the recipient.

If you are that individual, reading this, and want to do it, contact me!

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