Hackers - the Computer Kind - Use Wilson Golf's Twitter

Hackers like to play around with other people's and organization's Twitter accounts as much as they like to mess with websites. Today, Wilson Golf's Twitter account was hacked in the service of one of those "miracle weight loss" spam tweets:

(I used a screen grab above rather than embedding the tweet so that nobody would accidentally click the link included in the spam tweet.)

Wilson isn't responsible for this, of course; if you've never been hacked on Twitter and had a spam weight loss tweet sent from your account, well, you probably will.

But in a way, the tweet almost makes sense. After all, Wilson's most prominent staff golfer is Padraig Harrington, and Paddy is fit. Harrington probably has some weight loss secrets he can share! Maybe Wilson should try to capitalize on this bit of spam. Padraig Harrington's Weight Loss Secrets Revealed! Step 1: Give up potatoes!

(Hat tip to @SandieCrowley for catching the tweet.)

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