Flim-Flam Follow-Up

Following up our post of several days ago about of the re-birth of Power Balance "magic bracelets": Why do golfers so often fall prey to sounds-too-good-to-be-true magic products?

Here's one reason:

(Stina Sternberg is a senior editor at Golf Digest. And someone whose talent I greatly admire, so, sigh ...)

Golf Digest is the No. 1 publication in golf - it should be exposing products such as magic bracelets, not promoting them. And The First Tee is a great organization that teaches golf and life skills to at-risk youth, and now will be complicit in pitching woo-woo to them. These two outfits should be ashamed at affiliating with a company that has the history of Power Balance. But there's money to made (by Golf Digest) and money to be raised (by The First Tee).

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