The Greatest Invention in Golf History! (Don't Use It If You Have a Pacemaker)

Hey, that's what its makers claim about the MagneCaddy! They wouldn't just make up a statement like that, right? So let's check out this invention so stupendously awesome that it "may be" better than the guttie, the Haskell ball, dimples, steel shafts, graphite shafts, metal woods, perimeter weighting, cast irons, the sand wedge and all the rest:

MagneCaddy may be the greatest invention in golf history!

Huh. I think they're overselling it. What do you think?

I can see something like this coming in handy for some golfers - older golfers, golfers with back pain. You screw a powerful magnet into the butt end of the grip of one of your clubs - putter, I'll guess - and then you can pick up other clubs on the ground.

How many clubs do you leave laying on the ground during a round of golf? Enough to pay $24.99 for the MagneCaddy? As I said, I can see it being useful for some golfers - but is it more useful than other grip-end attachments you can buy that let you grab the golf ball out of the hole without bending over?

Then there's the warning disclaimer that appears on the MagneCaddy website:

WARNING: This product contains a very powerful earth magnet. If you currently have a pacemaker, ICD, or metal components in your body do not use this product prior to consulting a physician. Keep unit away from all electronics and children under 3 years of age.

Yowzah! That's a powerful magnet. If you've tried one, or you buy one, let us know how it goes.

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