Ray and Debra Go Golfing

What I don't like about this Everybody Loves Raymond scene is that ridiculous phony golf set.

But there are several things I do love about this scene:

  • Patricia Heaton is hot anyway (if you're into MILFs). But this scene accurately shows just how hot a cute girl is when she puts on a golf outfit. And how smokin' hot she becomes once she plays golf in that outfit. Watch Ray after Debra tees off: He is suddenly consumed by lust for his wife. We've all been there, right?

  • Ah, but couples and golf don't always mix, do they? And this scene shows us that side of the equation, too. Golf can create stress, and stress can cause curtness on the course - especially when one golfer is good and the other isn't. We've all been there, right?

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