Loudmouth Not the Only Crazy Clothes on Course Anymore

Loudmouth Golf Apparel burst on the scene back around 2004, 2005, with its wild, wacky, eye-hurting, vision-blurring golf apparel. Golfers had spent decades trying to overcome the lingering stigma caused by those horrible 1970s golf fashions, and here was a company making clothes even uglier than those 1970s duds.

That was the joke, of course. And a funny thing happened: Loudmouth caught on and grew, eventually signed John Daly and other tour pros, started showing up on the pro tours, and became kinda cool.

And you know what happens when something because cool: Others start copying it. Royal & Awesome is the name of another apparel company that is turning out wild, wacky, crazy golf clothes. Here are a few pieces:

See royalandawesome.com for more. Royal & Awesome makes men's and women's bottoms, plus flat caps and belts.

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