Fight! Fight! Caddies Gone Wild

In recent years, when something weird or wild happens during golf's swing through Australia, it's usually involved John Daly throwing something. Or Tiger Woods diddling something.

Not this time. This time, it involves a couple of caddies throwing punches next to the practice putting green at the Australian Open.

The caddies were Grant Buchanan (who works for James Nitties) and Matt Kelly (bagman for Marc Leishman). The incident happened before the first round on Thursday, and after an earlier "engagement" between the two at a casino:

"On Thursday a physical altercation took place between two caddies just prior to their groups taking to the golf course," tournament director Andrew Langford-Jones said in a statement.

"PGA Tour of Australasia officials met the caddies and their respective players immediately after their round to clarify details of the altercation.

"Having spoken with those involved, there is still a need to speak with a number of other individuals who may be able to provide further information on the incident."

The clash was reportedly sparked by an altercation between the men at a city casino on Tuesday night and tensions boiled over in front of other players and spectators on Thursday.

The local media is calling the incident "CaddyWhack."

Given the exploding popularity of MMA fighting, and the financial struggles in Australian tournament golf in recent years, maybe there's a solution here! Put those caddies in a cage and let 'em fight it out between approach shots as groups reach the 18th green.

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