Cheyenne Woods Opening 2013 Down Under

How big is the Woods name in golf? So big that it can lead news accounts about golfers committing to play a tournament - even when the Woods in question isn't Tiger. Like this, from

We may never get to see Tiger Woods strutting his stuff on the Gold Coast, but the city has secured the next best thing in terms of golfing royalty -- his niece Cheyenne.

Cheyenne Woods will play the Australian Ladies Masters Feb. 1-3, and this article refers to her as a "headline act" even though she failed to secure exempt status on any tour for 2013. (Woods has conditional status on the Ladies European Tour.)

Having the Woods name will always mean that Cheyenne will have opportunities other golfers at her level don't have; that she'll receive more attention than she (probably) deserves. But that cuts both way - she'll receive more criticism and scrutiny than she deserves, too. It's not her "fault" that she is Tiger Woods' niece, and she'd be foolish not to take advantage of all the opportunities having that name presents.

If there's one thing we can say about Cheyenne already, its that she's no fool. She is a smart, poised, classy young woman. And she's talented at golf. Right now, her playing level is probably somewhere around that of a good but not great player on the Futures Tour. But those golfers sometimes turn into stars on the LPGA Tour, and Cheyenne might have the drive and work ethic to reach that level, too. Time will tell.

Meantime, Woods is playing three tournaments in a row in Australia and New Zealand in February:

  • Feb. 1-3: Australian Ladies Masters
  • Feb. 8-10: New Zealand Women's Open
  • Feb. 14-17: Women's Australian Open

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