The Long and Short of It: Rickie, Michelle and Jessica

Here's tweet from Rickie Fowler:

And the photo? This one:

(Photo by @RickieFowlerPGA/Twitter)

Rickie Fowler has never thought of himself as tall (that's the joke). He is a little guy. Not just short, but little. Look at him next to Jessica Korda (5-foot-11) and Michelle Wie (6-foot-1).

One thing that first-time attendees at PGA Tour events are often surprised by is how short, or how slight, some of the tour's big hitters are. But that's a historical thing - I recall reading comments from later generations of pro golfers about their reaction to first meeting the 5-foot-10 Jack Nicklaus: "He was shorter than I thought he'd be," along those lines. These guys are huge on TV and in our imaginations. But in real life they are - in terms of physical stature, definitely not in terms of ability - much more like the rest of us.

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