Michael Jordan Banned in Dress Code Dispute? Good!

So the New York Post broke the "story" that Michael Jordan's cargo pants got him into trouble with a fancy-shmancy golf club in Miami. And Jordan is now banned from that club.

To which I say: Good!

But not because I have anything against Jordan. Let me explain. The story goes like this: Jordan showed up to play as a guest of a member at La Gorce Country Club in Miami. And he showed up wearing cargo shorts.

The exclusive private club has a dress code, naturally, and that dress code excludes cargo shorts. Collared shirt and Bermuda shorts, please (slacks probably preferred). This certainly goes without saying, right? That a luxury, high-class club wouldn't want its golfers in cargo shorts? Jordan should have known he was pushing it. Maybe he did. Maybe he figured it wouldn't matter. He's Michael Jordan, after all. Or maybe it was simply an honest oversight on his part.

Regardless, Jordan got through the gates and onto the course before anyone with the club noticed. Apparently some other golfers on the course reported back to the clubhouse that Jordan was not appropriately attired.

At which point Jordan was approached out on the course by club personnel and asked to return to the clubhouse and change into shorts that meet the club's dress code.

Jordan refused. At which point he was told he was no longer welcome at La Gorce Country Club.

So why is my reaction, "Good for the club!" Again, not because I have anything against Jordan. I simply believe that if a club has a dress code and enforces it, then it must enforce it fairly and enforce it for all. No letting celebrities or ultra-rich dudes get away with violating it.

Because what would have happened if you or I had shown up at La Gorce Country Club wearing cargo shorts? Or a shirt without a collar? Or with our caps on backwards? Right: We would have gotten the boot right away!

So good for that club for applying their dress code even to the mega-star that is Michael Jordan. And next time, Michael, dress appropriately.

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