Top 10 Rejected Names for John Daly's Murder Rock Golf Club

There's a golf club in Missouri that has a marketing deal with John Daly for the club's name. And that name is: John Daly's Murder Rock Golf Club. Now, Murder Rock is the place name of a Civil War-related site in Missouri. It's a historical reference.

But if you're like me, you cringe a little when you see the combination of "John Daly" and "Murder Rock." The name was announced not long after Daly showed up with severe scratches on his face following a domestic disturbance with wife No. 4 - one in which he accused her of trying to kill him with a knife.

Ouch! That's gotta smart! So I'm just saying that maybe this club (whose course has gotten great reviews, by the way) should have kept searching for a better name to pair with Daly's name.

But it could have been worse! Spies tell me the club considered and rejected many other names before settling on "John Daly's Murder Rock." Ten other names, to be exact.

Top 10 Rejected Names for John Daly's Murder Rock Golf Club
10. John Daly's Domestic Disturbance Golf Club
9. John Daly's I've Got the Shakes Golf Club
8. John Daly's Hootie and Hooters Golf Club
7. John Daly's There's a Horse at Hot Springs That Just Can't Lose Golf Club
6. John Daly's Hoochie Mama Golf Club
5. John Daly's My Wife is Back in the Slammer Golf Club
4. John Daly's I've Got My Divorce Attorney on Speed Dial Golf Club
3. John Daly's Mullets and Gullets Golf Club
2. John Daly's It's Not a Drinking Problem If You're Only Drinking Beer Golf Club

And the No. 1 rejected name for John Daly's Murder Rock Golf Club:

1. John Daly's The Bitch Attacked Me With a Steak Knife Golf Club

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