Tommy Gainey Swing Analysis

Don't worry, I'm not the one who is going to attempt to analyze the golf swing of Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey. Because my analysis would be limited to something along the lines of, "Um ... yeah ... that's weird."

But as Tommy Two Gloves himself said on the telecast of the 2012 McGladrey Classic over the weekend, the only thing that matters is impact. How you get there is irrelevant, as long as when you get there, you're in good shape.

Here is Peter Kostis applying his Swing Vision tool to Gainey's swing during a CBS broadcast:

Now is a great time take a look at Gainey's swing because that wacky, homemade swing of his just produced his first PGA Tour victory. It happened at the aforementioned 2012 McGladrey Classic, where Two Gloves carded a round of 60 in the final round. That's winning in style.

Here's a 12-minute clip from Wayne DeFrancesco, posted on YouTube last year, and DeFrancesco applies the video tools of a golf instructor to break down his view of Gainey's swing:

And here's a 10-minute clip from another golf instructor, Dan Whittaker, taking his crack at explaining Gainey's golf swing:

This is a super-slow mo close-up of Gainey's hands as they move the club through impact (warning: when we say super-slo mo, we mean it: the clip takes 4 1/2 minutes for Gainey's hands to move about 3 feet):

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