Tiger Woods' Next Golf Course Design: Diamante

Tiger Woods looks pretty happy to be hanging out in the forbidding-looking landscape behind him. And who can blame him? He's at work on a new project for Tiger Woods Design.

The new course, which will be named El Cardonal, is actually under construction, work having started in September. It is expected to be finished in 18 months. It's part of the Diamante Cabo San Lucas private community in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The El Cardonal will join a Davis Love-designed course, the Dunes, at Diamante. Sayeth El Tigre:

"While the Dunes course is reminiscent of a classic Scottish links course, this course is going to remind people of the old-style California courses. We will use the existing arroyos that traverse the site and well-placed bunkers to create definite strategic choices and carries off the tees."
Sounds good to me. Just being at work on something probably is enough for Tiger and Tiger Woods Design. Each of his previous design projects has encountered delays and stalls - none of which are the fault of Tiger or his company. All economy-related.

Here is a rendering of the Diamante El Cardonal layout:

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