Phil Mickelson Goes Long on Million Dollar Charity Shot

That's the video of Phil Mickelson's $1 million charity shot during halftime of the Denver Broncos-San Diego Chargers Monday Night Football game. San Diego boy Phil was attempting the shot at the home field of the Chargers, in front of friendly fans.

The objective: Hit an end zone-to-end zone (that's 100 yards, for those who think football means soccer) shot and land it within a 5-foot circle. Accomplish that goal and it's $1 million - donated by Mickelson sponsor KPMG - worth of books to FirstBook, a charity that helps needy children with books and reading programs.

Concentric circles around the target decreased in value the farther the ball landed from the "pin," with $50,000 representing the lowest amount the charity would receive. And Mickelson got only one attempt at it.

The result? $50,000, the lowest amount available. Booooooooo, Phil! That's what the fans did, actually, as Mickelson reacted by placing hand on head in shame. But, c'mon, that's a hard shot in that situation, even for Mickelson, and a great charity still gets $50k.

So even though Mickelson didn't pull off the million-dollar-shot, it was still a great stunt.

But Phil's miss was the first thing that went wrong for the Chargers in the game. San Diego led 24-0 at halftime. Then Phil missed out on the million bucks, and in the second half the Broncos dominated and wound up winning 35-24.

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