Friday, October 19, 2012

Paula Creamer's Japanese Calendar

The invaluable Golf Babes brings news today of the 2013 edition of Paula Creamer's calendar. Yes, she looks hot in it. No, you can't have one.

You know those American celebrities who won't shoot television commercials for, say, luggage, or beer, or any other product, for US TV? But they are willing to do commercials for Japanese TV? It's like that. Sort of. Creamer's calendar is produced each year by Golf Digest's Japanese edition, and it's only available for purchase in Japan.

But I don't think it's because Paula refuses to do a calendar for the American market; I think it's just Golf Digest Japan is the publication that first asked her. In fact, I recall a Twitter conversation between the aforementioned Golf Babes and Paula in which GB asked her if she'd consider doing the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, if asked. She replied, sure, she'd consider it if asked.

So we have our marching orders, fellas: Let's all email Sports Illustrated and recommend Paula Creamer for the next swimsuit issue.

Here's a brief message from Paula about her Japanese calendar:

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