Friday, October 19, 2012

Do Your Balls Glow? Then Take a Seat on One of Your Balls

Ah, that's a relaxing and serene scene, isn't it? Not just poolside, but also beachside. Two golf ball chairs, with a golf ball accent light between, illuminating your sweet wooden pool deck.

We can't help you get the deck, the pool, or the beachside house. But we can tell you where to get the golf ball accent light and the golf ball chairs. They are made by an Italian company called Garde, whose motto is, "We design your desires." And if you desire glowing orbs and chairs shaped like golf balls, then, by gosh, they sure do!

Says the company:

Inspired by the shape of a golf ball, Garde designs a range of original and inventive products which are unique in their style and are available in several sizes.

Here's another view in which there are also golf ball shaped planters for potted trees:

Click through the Garde website and you'll eventually find prices. A large lighted golf ball for outdoors runs €430. An extra large (because Americans are fat) golf ball chair is €860.

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