Friday, February 18, 2011

Shark in the Lake? Now That's a Water Hazard

I've been to golf courses where alligators were present in water hazards. I imagine there are lots of courses were larger crocodiles lurk. But I've never heard of a course that has sharks in its water hazards. Sharks! Until now.

Carbrook Golf Club in Brisbane, Australia, has at least one (probably more) sharks in its many ponds, lakes and waterways. They've been caught on camera:

They've been there since the "early '90s," according to the golf course's Web site, when "the Logan River burst its banks, resulting in large volumes of water covering the course for an extended period of time." The floodwaters eventually went away, but at least one shark (probably more) didn't.

The Logan is a large river that flows into Moreton Bay (beyond which is the Coral Sea). It seems incredible to me that a shark as large as the one in the videos above could survive in a golf course lake without having frequent access to the river itself. But maybe that's why I've never been asked to host Shark Week.

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