Nick Faldo Is Now a Knight

Make that Sir Nick Faldo. Faldo was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle on Tuesday.

Does this mean that Johnny Miller will now insist on being called "maestro"?

Queen Elizabeth is not the first woman to approach Faldo with a sword. I mean, have you read about his relationship troubles? (Thank you, I'll be here all week.)

Faldo was wistful upon the conclusion of the ceremony, telling the BBC:

"I played my first round of golf on my 14th birthday. When I found out in the summer (about the knighthood), my first thought was of riding my bike through the woods to the golf course when I was just starting out."

Aside from being called "Sir," what does being a knight get Faldo? Well, he'll learn the truth behind the DaVinci Code; he gets free fish and chips for life; and he's allowed to drunk dial the Queen at 2 a.m.

Faldo is the second golfer to receive the knighthood in England, the first being Henry Cotton.

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