Latest Cool Coupling: Rickie Fowler and Allison Stokke

Rickie Fowler and Allison Stokke are a couple. Which means Rickie no longer has to go stag to Team USA functions.

You know who Allison Stokke is, don't you? Back in 2007, when she was a 17-year-old high school track and field athlete, some photos of her at a track meet were posted online. That's when the sports-slash-laddie blogosphere jumped into action: Dudes started noticing that Allison was pretty hot! Those track photos - she was a top high school pole vaulter - started showing up everywhere, and Allison, against her will, became a poster girl for sexy athletes-on-the-web.

She went on to a college career as a pole vaulter at the University of California and later turned pro. When her pro vaulting career ended, Stokke started doing YouTube videos on vaulting technique and became a fitness model for, among other brands, Nike, Athleta and Uniqlo. She also began working with GoPro on her videos.

And Rickie? It seems like only yesterday (it was 2014, actually) that we were writing a post headlined Say Hi to Alexis Randock, Rickie Fowler's Girlfriend. That relationship was over at least by the time of the 2016 Ryder Cup, where Fowler attended all the functions solo (and was photographed, in one famous image, alone in the middle of a circle of kissing couples).

Rickie and Allison first shared photos of themselves on social media in April 2017, each posting one image (without identifying or tagging the other):

In May, Fowler posted another image of the two together. Again, there was no naming or tagging of the woman in the image, but Fowler did acknowledge Allison was his new girlfriend by hashtagging the photo #rickfoundachick:

Only a handful of more images followed, but at least in the most recent ones they've tagged one another.

And other members of Rickie's circle of friends have even started referencing Allison. For example, here's an Instagram post showing Allison Stokke and friend-of-Rickie Michelle Wie frolicking together:

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