Top 10 Ways for Tiger, Sergio to Settle their Differences

Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia don't like each other. Their decade-long spat devolved into public insults just a few weeks ago.

Can they get over it? The two stars took a step to putting the controversy (if not the dislike) to rest by shaking hands and talking on the driving range at Merion on Monday prior to the 2013 U.S. Open.

But we think they can do more. We have 10 foolproof ways that Sergio and Tiger can put their problems behind them and move on to a better, healthier relationship.

Top 10 Ways for Tiger, Sergio to Settle their Differences
10. Two words: hot tub
9. Agree to stop hating each other and start hating Matt Kuchar
8. Flamenco dance-off
7. 3-irons at 30 paces
6. Exchange flowers and chocolates
5. Call a moratorium on tricking one another with the ol' pull-my-finger routine
4. Acknowledge the homoerotic tension and agree to "take it slow and see where this leads"
3. Slap fight
2. Oil each other up, pump each other up for ultimate pose-off
1. Girlfriend swapping

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